achaemenid empire

Australoid and Mongoloid people are the true line of Japheth

first lie is that Japheth meant he was fair/pale than his brothers Ham & Shem. that comes from the Gentiles (in this case whites) trying to cover themselves. there is no mentioning of the 3 brothers to a huge degree being different skin colors it's not there, they were all dark or black. black in this case means of dark skinned people not African of any kind. the name means "enlarged" thus they used to cover the most land from parts of Europe to most of Asia and all of Australia/Oceania. excluding the Israelites, today they have the largest combined population in the world.

breaks down to 2 generalized groups, Australoid and Mongoloid.-
the first was Australoid. if one looks at the original Persians they were all dark or brown in color with very curly hair just like some Aborigines. they would also in general include Indians (they are of all 3, Ham, Shem but mostly Japheth, of course it can depend on tribe). Xerxes, Cyrus the Great and the Achaemenid empire were all dark peoples.
Mongoloid is next. they were spawned from Australoid peoples. some say they are ancient mulattoes. we can see in SE Asia the mixture of the 2 groups on wall paintings and rock carvings in ancient times. genetically they are closely related to Australoid people. Magog was one of Japheth's sons, meaning "giant" so who would this be? the Han Chinese, they have the largest ethnic population in the world over a billion people. plus they have a extreme military power that can swarm the world. in reality there are 2 Magog's the bible mentions, the other is bigfoot. they also are "tented" all over the world doing business, building things and taking over some sections of other nations.

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